Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


The perfect fishing day is landing a great catch but to make that a consistent occurrence, you need a top-notch rod and reel combo. The combo must be made of quality material making it very durable to hold any fish no matter how large it is and have the ability to deliver excellent results on a consistent basis.


The best fishing rod and reel combos deliver amazing results at very good price points but getting that top-notch rod and reel combo doesn’t come easy. Without the right information,  you will definitely waste a lot of time searching and getting frustrated along the way only to end up with very bad fishing equipment.

Worry no more. This article is exactly what you need. We have put together everything you need to know about purchasing the right fishing rod and reel combo so you end up making the best purchasing decision. Let’s dive in!

What are Fishing rod and reel combos?

These are a combination of pre-assembled fishing reels and rods. A combo is a matched rod and reel set, configured for a specific type of fishing.

Fishing rod and reel combos are ready to use “out of the box”. All you basically have to do is to wind line onto the spool, add the terminal tackle of your choice and start fishing.

It’s important to note that some combos even come with line pre-Christian wounds.

Generally, they are very attractive as they are well priced making them the perfect choice for budget-conscious customers.

What are the benefits of using a fishing rod and reel combo?

This is one of the benefits of using a fishing rod and reel combo. You will know beforehand the specifications of each piece of equipment to determine, whether they are going to be compatible or not.

You basically don’t have to worry about the flexibility of the fishing rod to the gear ratio reel. A professional has already done that work for you.

Purchasing a fishing rod and reel combo is relatively cheaper than buying the two components individually.

If you’re a user on a budget,  it is always advisable to stick to the option of buying a rod and reel combo.

Choosing the right fishing Rod and Reel Combo

What type of fishing will I do?

It’s important to know the type of fishing you want to want to do, how it’s done and what it entails first before purchasing the right rod and reel combo that fits that type of fishing. Below are the types of fishing applications.

Bait casting

This is an art of fishing using an artificial lure with a revolving-spool reel.

It can be practiced in both fresh and saltwater. It’s called bait casting because it was used solely for casting live minnows and developed centuries ago.

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Trolling is a type of fishing which uses a line with a live artificial bait.

The bait is thrilled behind a moving boat at any depth and at varying speeds.

This depends on the species that is being fished

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Drift fishing

This type of fishing is similar to trolling except for the fact that the boat drifts away quietly with the wind rather than powering it in a specific direction.

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Reviews Of The Best Fishing Rod And Relics Combos Of 2021

1. Orvis Clearwater IV Fly Rod Outfits

Orvis Clearwater IV Fly Rod Outfits fishing rod and reel combo comes with everything you need to start fishing at a great value. It is affordable and has an all round trout rod.

Apart from actual physical weight, it could take you just about as long to be able to point out any significant differences if you’re to spend a lot on a fishing rod.

Orvis Clearwater IV Fly Rod Outfits fishing rod and reel combo comes at  9-foot-5 weight and as such, it is a versatile combo.

It has a mid-flex rating which makes it perfect from surface and subsurface fishing, of which appreciate softer and stiffer flexibility, respectively.

Orvis Clearwater IV Fly Rod Outfits

Orvis Clearwater IV Fly Rod Outfits features a cork handle that can hold up for several years and this is a feature that most inexpensive fishing rods fail. The most interesting thing is,  even when your cork handle starts to fall apart, Orvis has you covered.

Fancy fishing reels are anything but necessary from most trout fishing applications provided you keep this equipment out of saltwater, Orvis Clearwater IV Fly Rod Outfits should last you for so many years to come.

If you’re to however take it to the brine, be sure to disassemble and thoroughly rinse Orvis Clearwater IV Fly Rod Outfits with fresh water after usage and make sure the reel and spool are apart so they can both be fully dry before you reassemble them.

Orvis Clearwater IV Fly Rod Outfits

Although the drag on the wheel is not what you’d expect, it is capable of handling large trout(up to about 10 pounds) in fast water without much trouble as a 5-weight reel. Orvis Clearwater IV Fly Rod Outfits comes with a backing, leader and a  fly line. They are all usually separate expenses that won’t break a bank.


  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for surface and subsurface fishing
  • Durable cork handle
  • Easy rod assemble and disassemble
  • Versatility, includes the line, backing, and leader, 25-year warranty


  • The reel is not well greased therefore, you have to do that on your own.

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2. Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod and Daiwa’s BG spinning reel

This is extremely durable fishing and reel comb. Ugly Stik makes some of the most affordable rod and reel combos on the market and they also make the most utilitarian fishing rods as well.

This Elite spinning fishing rod model is highly durable and the company will easily replace it after asking a few questions.  Ugly Stik comes with a 7 year backed warranty.

You can keep this setup up for many years to come as it is often paired with one of Daiwa’s BG reels.

Shakespeare's Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod and Daiwa's BG spinning reel

They are arguably the most durable fishing rods on the market and of high performance. However, the Ugly Stik comes with Shakespeare’s new single-piece stainless steel known as the “Ugly Tuff ” which unlike other rods, comes with certain challenges.

For example,  some anglers who fish braided lines  have had issues  with grooves being cut into these guides. Which results in heavy fraying most of the time.

Ugly Stik is therefore not advisable to use this combo if you plan to fish with braided line. This combo has a soft graphite tip and fiberglass rod. This makes it more resilient to breakage.

Shakespeare's Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod and Daiwa's BG spinning reel

It also offers a little more sensitivity that is ideal for bait fishing without entirely compromising the stiffness throughout the rod. This is the feature that makes it a viable lure fishing rod. Lure anglers looking for a stiffer option will find Ugly Stik’s Inshore Select model more amenable, but less likely to survive abuse.


  • Responsive rod
  • Very durable
  • 7 years warranty
  • Resilient to breakage
  • Ideal for bait fishing


  • Reel isn’t fully sealed

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3. Tsunami Airwave Elite and Shimano Baitrunner D Series

The Tsunami Airwave Elite and Shimano Baitrunner D Series are specifically designed for pitching live baits. They are however streamlined enough to toss lures  lightweight in design. Despite its lightweight design, the airwave elite is very sturdy and has the silicone carbide guides held in place by a robust titanium frame.

Tsunami Airwave Elite and Shimano Baitrunner D Series is to help keep them from getting bent out of place. The grips of this airwaves elite will not bear any scratches and can truly stand the test of time as they are very durable. When it comes to the reels, you can basically cast lures and do a little lightweight trolling with it. Especially if it’s paired with the Airwave Elite.

Tsunami Airwave Elite and Shimano Baitrunner D Series

Tsunami Airwave Elite and Shimano Baitrunner D Series has no issues with braided lines as it has a penchant for getting caught up and frayed or cut clean off in any crevices or snags that present themselves. The oversized grip of this reel makes it much more comfortable than most on the market and is definitively smooth especially when it comes to retrieving lures all day or fighting larger fish.

Tsunami Airwave Elite and Shimano Baitrunner D Series

The Tsunami Airwave Elite 11″4″ fishing rod is your ideal rod if it’s a surf rod you’re after. It will also serve most surfcasting purposes. The Shimano Baitrunner reel will work absolutely fine provided you do not forgo secondary gear features.


  • Airwave elite; high-quality components
  • Airwave Elite; Built to last
  • Baitrunner; replaceable parts
  • Baitrunner; Vera tiptoe and sleek design


  • The Baitrunner comes with a graphite frame which may break.
  • The airwave elite may not come with a gimbal for more secure storage.

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4. Shimano TLD trolling Rod and Reel Combo

Shimano TLD is a budget-friendly fish rod and reel combo, light to medium weight setup and very suitable for trolling. Shimano TLD‘s important to have a trolling rod and a reel capable of handling large fish if you’re actively fishing a spread of 6 to 8 lines or casually dragging a single lure behind your boat.

This is because it can leave you with costs once you’ve made the necessary repairs or replacement as it can critically damage under-equipped gears.

Shimano TLD trolling Rod and Reel Combo

The Shimano TLD rod and reel combo will work perfectly if you’re trolling inshore and your catch is more likely to stay within the 50-pound range. However, if you find yourself trolling offshore, this combo, Ayrshire does not perform at its best.

Tip: If you’ll be using this setup on a sailboat, consider a short — either 5-foot-6-inch or 6-foot — model for better maneuverability around the boat’s rigging.


  • Suitable for bait and bottom fishing
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal for trolling inshore
  • Good maneuverability


  • Cumbersome to stow

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5. The Tsunami MH Slow Pitch Jigging/Casting Rod and the Shimano TLD

This is a very resilient setup and much more durable than most on the market. This is the ideal combo to pull fish vertically from the bottom.

Tsunami perhaps makes the most durable rods even though they may be priced higher than Ugly Stik.  They deliver excellent results. It’s important to know that cod, sea bass, fluke, halibut ,stepped bass, cod , snapper,  grouper and fluke all call for this type of equipment.

The Tsunami MH Slow Pitch Jigging/Casting Rod and the Shimano TLD

The Shimano Reel is an ideal reel as it’s not only easier to fight fish at a vertical angle with a conventional or an open-faced reel; it’s a lot easier to make adjustments to your drag and retrieve and drop your bait too. You won’t have trouble searching for replacement parts for this reel as they have been around for a long period of time. They come at a good price point and are highly reliable.


  • Easy to find replacement parts for reel
  • Very sturdy
  • Very durable rods
  • Easy to make adjustments


  • Comparatively pricey

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What You Need to Know About Fishing Rod

What is the Best Rod Action?

Rod action is a big factor when determining rod sensitivity. It refers to how well the rod bends when you put pressure on the tip. It is how you get to feel vibrations in the rod. When it comes to the best rod action, it’s probably a matter of use case and opinion. Let’s examine the different rod “actions”

Fast and Extra-Fast Action Rods

These rods can bend from the tip to about ⅓ and they have stiff backbones.

If you’re looking for the best rod to offer more sensitivity, the fast and extra fast action rods are the way to go.


Medium action rods

These rods are able to bend from the tip to about the midway point of the rod.

However, they are less sensitive but are a good blend of stiffness and flexibility.

Slow Action Rods

Slow action rods bend in the lower third of the rod and then bend all the way down to the base. They lack stiffness and as such, can be less sensitive.

The upside is that compared to other rod actions, they can cast further as the extra bend allows them to load more energy.


Rod Power

This refers to the level of pressure needed to make trod bend. Heavier power rods are crafted for thicker fishing lines and heavier lures while lighter power rods are built for lighter-weight fishing lines and lighter weight lures.

There are many different types of rod power

What’s the Best Fishing Rod Length?

This depends on the type of fishing you want to do.

If you’re going after a lake or striped bass, you will require a rod that’s at least 7 feet long.


What’s the Best Guide Loop Material?

Always make sure you get a rod with aluminum guides as plastic or other weak materials are likely rod break.

It’s even better if you find one with aerials silicone carbon (SIC) OR titanium carbide inserts.

What’s the Best Fishing Rod Material?

There are 3 ,ain’t types of materials when it comes to rods. These are the fiberglass,  Graphite and Composite materials.


These rods are typically inexpensive and have the most bend. Lots of rods with slow action are made from fiberglass due to its flexibility. They are generally good for ultralight and finesse fishing.


They are the strongest on the market but are gently expensive. They are good for battling big bass and saltwater species as they have a solid backbone.


Many rods today are made of a fiberglass/graphite composite.
They give you the benefit of both worlds


What You Need to Know About Fishing Reels

What is the Best Gear Ratio?

They may appear as complicated but gear ratios are not that complicated.

This is basically how many times the spool turns per rotation  of the handle.

For example if a reel’s ratio is 6.2:1 then it means the spool turns 6.2 times per one full crank of the handle.

How Important Are Ball Bearings?

The bearing can directly affected how the reel performs. It should be noted that what really ,alters is whether the bearings are made of high quality materials or not.

For example, a spinner with 4 stainless steel bearings is better than a reel with 15 chrome steel bearings.

Stainless steel are more corrosion resistance to than chrome-steel steel.

What’s the Best Drag System for a Fishing Combo?

This is what allows the fish to pull line from the spool to avoid line breakage or backlash. It’s a very important, pets not part of a reel.

The most important part is he quality of the components. Quality components will ensure that the reel does not burn out fast and if the reel has good drag technology,  then it will be much better.


The best rod and reel combos help take the guesswork out of matching a rod to a reel. We’ve done the legwork to bring you the best fishing rod and reel combos on the market and we hope these reviews help you narrow your choices and finally assist you in making the right purchasing decision.

Always remember, there’s no better option than a rod and reel combo to get started in fishing!