5 Best Fishing Sunglasses

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5 Best Fishing Sunglasses

5 Best Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing sunglasses provide security and protection from sunlight’s rays as well as the glare out of the ocean. Sunglasses can also shield you from dust, sand, and the wind. They also improve your visibility when taking a look at the water. They can help you recognize the presence of fish, trip hazards, and obstructions.

All of this without causing you to have a sore back, and without costing you an arm and leg. Polarized Fishing Sunglasses could be a wonderful present for any angler.

Review of Best Fishing Sunglasses

Are you looking forward to spending those wonderful days out fishing? Before you go out to relax in the sun, ensure that you have the right protection gear. Sunglasses are among the most important items to carry with you when you go on your fishing excursion.

In addition to protecting you from harm caused by UV Rays, the proper pair of polarized sunglasses will allow you to better see in all weather conditions. If you’ve not bought your sunglasses yet, or you need to replace them look over the top fishing sunglasses below! The list below includes a wide range of price points and styles as well as lenses, meaning there’s a pair that will suit everyone.

1. Costa del Mar Fantail Sunglasses

Costa del Mar Fantail Sunglasses

This model, called the Fantail, is a fantastic pair of sunglasses from Costa Del Mar.

As with its counterpart, the Tuna Alley, you can purchase this Fantail that comes with 580 Glass and this pair of sunglasses offers 100% UV protection.

Thanks to the polycarbonate glass you’ll get scratch-resistant glasses. When you are out in the open scratch-resistant lenses can be an absolute advantage.

They have Polarized lenses and the nylon frame provides more durability and ease of use. There are a variety of designs and colors to pick from, you’ll be able to find a fantail that is in line with your style.

Costa del Mar Fantail Sunglasses

The Costa del Mar Fantail Sunglasses may be a bit snug and tight, therefore they’re a must in your list of options if you have a small face. Because the Fantail is constructed with TR-90 materials that offer flexibility and elasticity, you’ll be able to bend them slightly to get an ideal fitting.

On Amazon, the Fantail is priced at a cheaper price as Costa del Mar’s Tuna Alley.

However the Fantail offers several of the same advantages and features, so if you’re searching for a less expensive set of glasses, then this could be the right one for you.

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2. Smith Optics Guide’s Choice Sunglasses

Smith Optics Guide's Choice Sunglasses

Another option to consider for your fish-eye sunglasses would be Smith Optics Guide’s choice.

To ensure maximum comfort and perfect fit these sunglasses include nose pads and temples and an 8-base curvature on their lenses. If you’re constantly moving or are worried about sweating and causing your glasses to slide or slide off, the temple and the nose pads will help keep your sunglasses in the right place.

The frames’ sides are quite thick, and they also stop your sunglasses from falling. Even though the glasses are big, they are lightweight and comfortable.

Lenses are coated using substances that are anti-reflective and hydrophobic. This means that they’ll remain clear and clean.

Smith Optics Guide's Choice Sunglasses

Smith Optics has different types of lenses that use different technologies that include Chromapop as well as Techlite. What is unique about these lenses? Chromapop filters various wavelengths of color to let you see natural colors with greater clarity. Techlite is particularly immune to scratch marks.

They also come with polarization which is another reason to buy. When you’re looking for glasses that will perform the task, Guide’s Choice is a great choice, particularly in terms of viewing colors.

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3. KASTKING Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses

KASTKING Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses

KastKing Skidaway shades are perfect for any outdoor activity, including fishing. They’re appropriate for both men and women.

They come in a variety of lenses, which lets you choose which ones that you’ll need the most. The lenses are 2 inches wide and wrap around the eye with a protective shield that protects the eye from all angles.

Lenses are impact-resistant which can be beneficial in two ways. The glasses will be immune to hard use and falls and falls, however, they’ll also shield your eyes from dirt, branches, and flying hooks with no scratching.

Lenses are less than 1 millimeter thick. This is a typical characteristic of premium and expensive glasses.

KASTKING Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Lenses don’t cause vision distortion and allow you to complete all sorts of tasks while wearing them, like making your hooks. They also provide complete UV protection. The material that is used to create frames is tough Grilamid and light. It is also flexible, light UV-resistant, and impact-resistant.

These glasses are perfect for anglers who have a lot of days outdoors and wish to purchase a high-quality product. KastKing sunglasses are priced on Amazon at approximately 30$, however, they are often available for less. The most important thing is that they’re extremely comfortable and won’t fall off your face even if you sweat.

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4. Costa Fantail Pro

Costa Fantail Pro

In essence, due to the Costa name, it is because of the Costa. They stand by their top-quality products and provide an unbeatable warranty that is guaranteed all the time. Costa is the most reputable brand of sunglasses for fishing, there is no contest.

In particular, specifically, Fantail Pro sunglasses are the top Costa sunglasses to use for fishing. They were designed with an angler’s mind in mind Costa focused on blocking the sun’s rays and keeping sweat away from anglers’ eyes using their trademarked “sweat control” technology.

Costa Fantail Pro

If you’re anything similar to me in that you sweat often, you will be happy with the new feature! They’re extremely comfortable, and they can be adjusted by your nosepiece to suit your face. The hood and side shields can block unwanted light from entering your eyes, so you’re not squinting throughout your fishing excursion.

If you’re a person with a larger head then these are the frames for you. The wide range of lenses and frames colors to pick from allows you to pick the frame that matches your preferences and personal style. For example I mostly bass fish in ponds and lakes therefore, copper-based lenses work best for me. However, if you’re off-shore fishing, lenses that are gray with a blue reflective coating are the best choice and will work for you.

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5. Oakley Split Shot Prizm Shallow Water Polarized Lenses

Oakley Split Shot Prizm Shallow Water Polarized Lenses

Oakley is an incredibly well-known brand in the field of sunglasses. They produce high-quality glasses that can be used for many different purposes.

With many options to choose between, Oakley Split Shot sunglasses can meet almost any fishing enthusiast’s requirements. If the Prizm Shallow Water Polarized lenses are placed inside these Split Shot frames, they make the perfect choice for fishing for bass.

Its Prizm Shallow Water Polarized lenses permit you to look into the water and distinguish between the fish stump, a fish, or a rock. I’ve had the experience of casting an unsubmerged stump as if it was an animal… The truth is, I would have liked these lenses to stop this!

Oakley Split Shot Prizm Shallow Water Polarized Lenses

Since Split Shot frames are designed to be put on with a hat This means that the cap’s bill will not be pressing against your glasses, creating discomfort. Also, I always wear a hat while fishing, so this was a great “pro” in my opinion.

The bass angler who likes the sporty appearance Oakley offers but needs the convenience of sunglasses designed for fishing ought to seriously think about using the Oakley Split Shot Sunglasses. The customizable options that Oakley provides let you make the exact pair of glasses you desire.

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How To Choose The Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

There are many different fishing glasses available. Not all are alike since different fishing conditions are identical. As with everything else in fishing gear, it’s all an issue of preference for the angler and the specific situation.

There are many high-quality fishing sunglasses available So what should you look for when choosing the right pair of sunglasses?

The two main elements that make up great fishing spectacles are frames and lenses.


Frames made of nylon are ideal frames for fishing, particularly in saltwater. A great pair of frames provide comfort and protect your eyes from the wind and light. They’ll be similar in appearance and feel like goggles since they are positioned around your face and eye.
It’s not a good idea to spend your money on fishing glasses that you won’t wear all day because they’re uncomfortable. I’ve had a frame that was pressed against the side of my head with such force it caused me headaches when I wore them for about an hour.
Naturally, I no longer wear them and this is something to be aware of when choosing one for yourself.


A quality pair of lenses will allow clarity or better vision. Every lens for fishing needs to be properly polarized. If they’re not polarized, you’re just wasting money. All of the glasses in our list come with a lens that is polarized, even the ones that are budget-friendly.
Lenses are composed of different substances. The most popular are glass, polycarbonate, and polyurethane.


The best fishing sunglasses come down to individual preference. We recommend our Costa Del Mar Fantail Pro sunglasses as they can be used for almost every angle and have the best features for the cost.

But, buying any of the glasses with polarization from the list can help you on that next fish trip!

If we did not include your favorite fishing sunglasses (or you own an item you’d like to give to our community) Please let us know via the comments below!

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