5 Best Fishing Rods for Bass

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5 Best Fishing Rods for Bass

5 Best Fishing Rods for Bass

When you go fishing for bass it is essential to make use of the appropriate equipment to do the job, so that you can increase your fishing success as well as reduce the stress of fishing and relax in the waters. Fishing rods are among the most crucial parts of a fisherman’s kit.

Rods are available in a variety of lengths, sizes, and styles. There are many different fishing rods in the market at the present. To catch bass, the primary two types of rods will be spinning and casting rods.

A casting rod can be used in conjunction with a baitcasting reel and is favored by the majority of professional and experienced bass anglers. A spinning rod is utilized in conjunction with a spinning reel and is generally preferred by novices and amateur anglers.

Best Fishing Rods for Bass

Although you might be able to utilize the baitcasting reel along that spins, you won’t be able to make use of a combo spinning reel with a fishing rod for casting. If you’re searching for Bass fishing rods be sure that you choose one to be compatible with the reel you already have or want to buy.

Review of Best Fishing Rods for Bass

The search for the perfect rod for bass fishing could be similar to buying the perfect car. The vast array of choices that are available is overwhelming. The wide range of prices and the various functions can cause people to be confused and opt to buy a well-known model that has a good number of reviews.

This article will serve as an aid in selecting the rod that best suits your needs. We have suggested 5 rods that are considered to be bargains given the value and the quality they provide.

1. Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod

Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod

It’s true that the Veritas rod family of rods has been in existence for many years but has never been more powerful.

Abu Garcia redefined the Veritas to increase its strength, reduce weight, and be more sensitive. Its Veritas Spinning Rods offer the perfect mix of finesse and power.

The premium rods are built with carbon fiber rated to 30 tons and then finished by using 3M Powerlux resin, which is extremely durable and light.

The Powerlux resin improves strength, decreases weight, and increases the rod’s impact and resistance to fracture. Powerlux 100 is an ultra-thin resin system that distributes nanoparticles within carbon fibers, which helps prevent cracks in the rod’s material.

bu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod

With the help of a blank reel seat that is hidden and patented Titanium alloy guides and guides, the Veritas rods provide the performance of a design. The titanium alloy guides of the highest quality are designed using ROCS technology in order to maximize casting distance.

The specially-designed chair is comfortable to sit on and assists in eliminating pressure points. Additionally, the EVA split grips offer comfort and non-slip grips for all-day fishing.

Abu Garcia Veritas combines strength with sensitivity, strength, and a light appearance to offer you a competitive edge on the water. It comes with a three-year guarantee. Abu Garcia continues to set the standard for anglers who want a sturdy, lightweight, durable performance.

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2. Croix Bass X BXC71MHF Baitcasting Rod

Croix Bass X BXC71MHF Baitcasting Rod

St. Croix is a mainstay in fisheries. The choices range in size from 7.1″ to 7.11″. The BXC71MHF is a 7.1” high-speed medium-heavy baitcasting rod.

The rod is effective in close quarters and larger water. St. Croix can handle fishing and frogging, as well as throwing bigger lures to pike.

Croix Bass X BXC71MHF Baitcasting Rod

It is available in super fast or fast action, too. Throw on anything between 12-20 pounds of Monofilament, or braid. It’s a fantastic rod that isn’t expensive and is suitable to serve a multitude of functions.

Sometimes, versatility and peace of mind are more important than cost. The St. Croix can provide both of these things to you, making it one of the top bass fishing rods on market.

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3. Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

This rod is manufactured using what’s called by the manufacturer Ugly tech construction.

It’s a clever combination of fiberglass and graphite which results in a robust, pliable rod.

There are a number of rods that come with guides made of space-age-looking plastic. This material makes casting easier, however, sometimes inserts will appear to pop out.

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

Its UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod solves the issue by being fitted with stainless-steel guides that are one piece. It’s possible to sacrifice one or two inches in casting distance; however, the guides are very durable and you don’t need to worry about your inserts popping out.

You can purchase this rod in a range of weights. There’s a 7″, medium-weight model that is ideal to throw crankbaits.

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4. Entsport E Series

Entsport E Series

Entsport might not be an established brand as some of the other brands on this list, but they create some of the most effective casting rods available.

This rod combines sensitivity and carbon fiber structure that decreases the weight of the rod while still maintaining an entire rod that you need to fish.

The rod is a little big for bass fishing, I’ve found it to be effective in locating those hidden pockets of waters where the bigger bass are swimming around.

Entsport E Series

If you’re fishing to capture a memorable bass it’s not a good idea to go with a lighter than that of the Ugly Stik, you need something that has a solid backbone.

While there are plenty of breakages, however, I believe Entsport is a solid choice. Entsport is a solid choice.

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5. Lew’s Custom Lite Baitcasting Rod

We’re not all on a tight budget, is it? What if you’re looking for the best all-around bass rod, and don’t care about how much it is. This is an offer for you. If you’re familiar with fishing, you’ll know that Lew’s is at the best of the best and every other one is just a copycat.

The rod is constructed with 85 million modulus graphite, which signifies that it has a lot of graphite sheets that are super thin placed on the rod to ensure that there is less material, resulting in less. It is the goal to have the lightest rod that can behave like one, and this is what it is.

Lew's Custom Lite Baitcasting Rod

It has everything you’d need. Steel guides made of stainless steel for smooth casting and optimum distance, grips made of polymer to crank, and the best sensitivities for nibblers. This Lew’s Custom Lite rod is about as good as you can get.

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What To Look For When Buying A Bass Spinning Rod

The type of rod you select will be largely dependent on the kind of fishing you plan to take part in. It’s a bit disappointing to purchase an entirely new rod only to discover that it doesn’t function as you expected it to.

If you’re unsure what size, power or method will work most effectively for you, check out the article below for the information that will help you make the best choice.

Rod Length

The majority of bass fishing rods are between 6-8 feet from the point towards the point. Rods that are shorter are more restricted in your casting distance however, longer rods allow you to cast further. The shorter rods typically have less bend and are ideal for fighting bigger bass.

If you don’t have to cast for long distances, short rods for the body can be excellent and offer the added strength needed to catch that coveted bass. Longer rods give you more reach and permit you to cast for longer distances. Longer rods are great to get lures into areas where bass hide or provide enough space for diving crankbaits or others that need a lengthy cast to retrieve.

Rod Material

Spinning rods are typically composed of graphite, fiberglass, or a hybrid of the two.
Graphite rods are generally heavier and more durable as compared to fiberglass rods. Their lighter weight makes them easy to work with throughout the day. They are also more susceptible to bites, and also makes them more susceptible to break.

Fiberglass rods are typically heavier than the other and are generally more robust. They are extremely flexible, and some claim that they are indestructible. Hybrid rods are an alternative of both that is generally a blend of graphite and fiberglass. They can offer the best of both materials and are ideal for those looking for the flexibility of a spinning rod.

Rod Power

Rod power refers to the force required to bend the rod. Rod power is usually described as moderate power, light power as well as heavy-power rods. A rod that is light in power can bend more easily, whereas rods with high power are not able to be as flexible. Light power rods generally perform best when you’re fishing with lighter baits and smaller lures as well as fishing for smaller fish.

The ability to respond quickly to the light power makes it easier to spot an opportunity to catch a fish when fishing with an effective bait. Medium Power Rods are perfect for fishing for bass with crankbaits, jerk baits, spinnerbaits, or any other bass bait or lure. Rods with heavy power are recommended for fishing with frogs, jigs, topwater lures, and other techniques for fishing that don’t need a huge bend on the rod.

Rod Action

The word “action” refers to the bend characteristics of the rod and specifically how much the rod is bent. It is measured from the point of the rod up to the butt. Rods can be classified by having medium, fast or slow actions.
Rods with slow action are flexible, with the majority part of the rod’s structure being bent under pressure. They are generally made for fishing lighter weight lines and fine-tuned baits.

Medium action rods lie somewhere in between, usually being bent toward the middle of the rod. They provide a great combination of flexibility that hobbyist anglers love. The rods that are fast are more rigid and bend only towards the tip of the rod. Fish anglers prefer an action rod that is fast since they are made to be used for larger bass with larger baits and heavier lines.

Rod Handle

Handles on rods are often the final element of the puzzle is choosing the correct rod. Rods could have foam, cork, or even rubber handles. When you choose your rod, ensure the handle fits the hand size.
If you are a beginner, you might opt for a shorter rod handle. This will decrease the distance you cast, but make it much easier to handle.
With a rod handle that is longer, the greater casting distance you’ll get. The greater the casting distance you’ll have, the larger space the rod can cover, and the greater chance you’ll be able to capture an enormous bass fish.

Braided Line Debate

There is a variety of information on the internet about whether a specific rod is compatible with a braided line for fishing. The majority of the rods listed in this list claim that they’re braided ready.
But, you’ll see that a lot of rods are equipped with stainless steel guides, which is the most important issue.
A lot of anglers say that the rod must be fitted with ceramic guides to utilize a braided fishing line.

This is due to an issue with braided lines that are too strong for stainless steel guides and wearing grooves into the guides. It seems that this was historically true However, due to the latest developments in braided fishing line technology as well as changes in rod guide construction, this does not apply as strictly as it did in the past.
The rods in this list that say they are braid-ready are likely to perform just fine when used using a braided fishing line.


The most experienced bass angler is always aware of what to look for in a rod to do the task! Bass fishing can be a broad sport that many anglers will benefit from having several different types of rods. Doing your homework prior to your purchase will ensure you pick the appropriate rod for the situation you’re most likely facing. The goal of this guide to purchase was to simplify the process of buying a rod for bass fishing more pleasurable.

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