5 Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combo For Kids

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5 Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combo For Kids

5 Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combo For Kids

If you’re reading this, then it probably means it is time to pass on your treasure of knowledge in fishing to your little ones. Teaching a kid to fish might be one of the most interesting experiences.

What’s more, fishing with them is something that any angler wants at some point. It’s not just about the fun, Angling also teaches kids the core values of learning a skill set that requires patience and dexterity.

This is why you want to find the best rod that will ignite the love of the sport in them rather than frustrate them into quitting after the first attempt.

5 Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combo For Kids

There are many options available on the market when it comes to fishing rod and reel combos for kids. Going through to select the best can be a frustrating experience if you do not have the right information at hand.

This is why we’ve put this article together. We have done the legwork to bring you the very best when it comes to the right fishing combo for kids in addition to a buying guide so you can make the best decision when buying that perfect gift for your kid.

What to Look for in Kids’ Fishing Combos

Rod Reel Combos

With the right kids fishing combos, all kids have to do is to learn how to set-up the pole, thread the line through the eyes and tie on a lure to start fishing.


Sometimes, you may end up with a terrible reel but a great fishing pole. As a result, you may need to upgrade your wheel. Always look out for compatibility

Weak Lines:

Reels that come prefilled with lines may not necessarily be the best.
This is because the lines may usually be of terrible quality and will have sat on the reels for a long time. As a result, once your child goes to use it, it will start coiling around itself, casting tangles and finally frustrating your child. Basically not the ideal start for your child.


Most kids or youth fishing rods are not that costly. They are budget friendly, compared to expert combos. This is ideal as kids can quickly lose interest. This is important as whatever happens, you wouldn’t have broken the bank or overly invested in it.



You should always start with a short fishing pole about 3 ft for young, small beginners. For more experienced kids, taller or older, a fishing pole around 5 to 7 feet will be best fit.
And as your child becomes a teenager, you can progress to 8 ft and above.


The best materials for kids fishing combos are graphite, carbon and fiberglass. Fiberglass and graphite are the best choice as carbon fiber is a bit pricey for a kids fishing pole.
Graphite and fiberglass are great materials and will last a long time only if it’s treated well.

Special Features

Kids just starting out in fishing can be easily frustrated but thanks to tangling lines and patience, they will be able to reel in a fish. To cut down these little frustrations, some poles have features like no-tangle casting that not only reduces the frustration, but also improves the overall experience making it encouraging and fun.


As your kid is just starting out, it is advisable to get them a combination kit that comes with basically everything from the pole to the line, bobbers, tackle and lures. You can then tailor make or add on as you like.

Review Of The Best Fish Rod And Reel Combo For Kids

1.UGLY STIK GX2 Spinning Youth Combo ugly-stik-gx2-spinning-youth-combo

The whole combo is lightweight and purposely ensures that kids do  it easily and get tired after long hours of fishing.

UGLY STIK GX2 Spinning Youth Combo ugly-stik-gx2-spinning-youth-combo comes with a two-piece rod which makes it easy to carry around and even travel with. When it comes to its construction,  it is made from both fiberglass and graphite. This makes it a durable combo.

Children by nature can be a little bit reckless at times and with this durable fishing combo, they can basically do as they want without parents having to worry about how delicate the combo is.

The UGLY STIK GX2 Spinning Youth Combo ugly-stik-gx2-spinning-youth-combo in the combo has an anodized aluminum spool which guarantees durability.

UGLY STIK GX2 Spinning Youth Combo ugly-stik-gx2-spinning-youth-combo comes with only one ball bearing which is not that bad as the reel has been designed in such a way that one is enough for it.

You can interchange the handles to allow both left and right-handed kids to freely use them. It must be noted that the reel has a capacity of 145 yards on a 6 lbs line.

This UGLY STIK GX2 Spinning Youth Combo ugly-stik-gx2-spinning-youth-combo combo requires proper maintenance and also needs to be protected from saltwater.


  • Suitable for children
  • Lightweight design
  • Very durable reel
  • Handles can be interchanged


  • Rod is not very strong

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2. Plusinno Youth Spincast Combo

The Plusinno Youth Spincast Combo in this combo has  2 weights. They are 4.23oz and 4.86oz and the reel is 4.73oz. It comes with a rubber grip on the rod handle and the plastic one on the reel handle.

Because it features a telescopic rod, it makes it easy to store and very compact The whole combo is lightweight especially because of her spincast reel.

Plusinno Youth Spincast Combo features  plastic hooded reel seats and feels very durable. In terms of durability,  the rod and reel are constructed using Fibre Reinforced Plastic and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS).

This combo is designed to specifically target age groups of 3 to 7 years.  Plusinno Youth Spincast Combo comes with good quality guides at appropriate places.

Another interesting feature is, the drag system is very simple to work with.  The Plusinno Youth Spincast Combo is also a standard spincast which comes pre-spooled with a standard 8 to 10 pounds monofilament line.

The Plusinno Youth Spincast Combo action is also very light yet has a strong backbone. However, the gear ratio of the reel is very slow and this can easily chase pains in the arm of kids.

Using a live bait will be the best option as the reel is not equipped for any types of artificial baits. It is however suitable for last fishing or generally for freshwater fishing.

This Plusinno Youth Spincast Combo is nicely packed. It doesn’t need a lot of care and maintenance  since it is made of high quality materials. Plusinno Youth Spincast Combo is a very nice combo to get for your child when they go on a camping trip but not necessarily for serious fishing.


  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight design
  • Simple drag system
  • Very durable


  • Slow gear ratio

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3.  LANAAK Kids Fishing Combo

This LANAAK Kids Fishing Combo provides maximum comfort for children  as the rod handle is a soft-EVA grip. That is,  they can fish for long periods of time and not feel very tired.

The whole combo is lightweight in design and the reel handle is made of plastic. The telescopic fishing rod is collapsible to 17 inches and as a result, it is very easy to carry around.

LANAAK Kids Fishing Combo can expand to about 65 inches and it’s great for a variety of ages. The whole combo can fit under a car seat or in a backpack.

LANAAK Kids Fishing Combo comes with a carry bag for travel and storage. This makes it an ideal combo for fishing trips that involve camping and hiking.

When it comes to its construction, this combo is made of high quality Fibre-Reinforced-Plastic and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

LANAAK Kids Fishing Combo is very strong and there are no known durability issues with it. It comes as a complete kit, fully loaded with everything your child will need to get started with.

First of all, it is beginner friendly. This is because it comes with  a closed-face, spincast reel pre-spooled with 200 feet of an 8-lb test line.

With this combo, you don’t need to go shopping for extra accessories as it comes with a tackle box which includes sinkers, swivels,  hooks, bobbers,  crankbait and plastic worms.

LANAAK Kids Fishing Combo also comes with a hand net for catching baits. To motivate your little one and make the whole experience a fun one,  the manufacturers have included a starter guide.

This guide delivers clear explanations, free tips, tricks and easy-to-read diagrams.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to travel with and store
  • Beginner friendly
  • Lots for accessories
  • Comes with a starter guide


  • High maintenance and repair cost

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4. PLUSINNO Youth Spinning Combo

The Plusinno Youth spinning combo is designed to minimize any discomfort a child might experience as the rod and reel are extremely lightweight.

Plusinno Youth spinning combo is specifically designed for kids. The rod of the combo is telescopic and this makes the whole gear away to carry around and very compact.

The handles of both the rod and reel are pleasant to hold as they are soft-EVA built.

The Plusinno Youth spinning combo is 6.58oz and comes with interchangeable handles while the rod weights are 2.20z and 2.67oz both corresponding to two different lengths.

This is not always the case but sometimes a manual might be given with the setup that explains how to attach the reel handle and the reel itself to the rod handle.

In terms of its construction, this combo is made of Fibre-Reinforced-Plastic and other plastic components. Despite being made out of plastic, it is of high quality.

This Plusinno Youth spinning combo will stand the test of time compared to those cartoon-type reeds and rods on the market. The reel comes with a lure spooled and a mono line of 6 lbs.

The telescopic rod has 4 sections all coming with guides at appropriate places. Another interesting thing so,  both the rod and reel are very sensitive to fish bites which is meant to allow kids to easily detect any activity of fishes

The combo has 2 options to choose from in terms of rod length. These are 1.15M or 1.5 M of extended rod length. Plusinno Youth spinning combo has a double-colored deep aluminum spool and a 5.2:1 gear ratio. The reel won’t cast far even though it has a large line capacity. The whole combo can last for many years when compared to similar ones on the market.


  • Lightweight design
  • Very durable
  • Very sensitive to fish bites
  • Comes at a good price point


  • Reel won’t be able to cast far.

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5. BB8FCC.FB6 Zebco/Quantum, Star Wars Spincast Combo

This BB8FCC.FB6 Zebco/Quantum, Star Wars Spincast Combo pole is made of fiberglass and is 30 inches long.

BB8FCC.FB6 Zebco/Quantum, Star Wars Spincast Combo is very durable and does not collapse or break. The handle is unlikely to hurt the kid’s hands given the weight of the pole even though it doesn’t have any cushioning.

The spincast reel of this combo has a 2.6:1 gear ratio. It comes with a pre-spooled with 10p yards of 6-pound Zebco fishing line. This BB8FCC.FB6 Zebco/Quantum, Star Wars Spincast Combo comes with a casting training dummy. So, you can teach your kid how to cast and retrieve the line before they get serious about real casting.


  • Ideal for kids
  • Comes with a casting dummy
  • Fiberglass construction makes the rod durable
  • The reel is better than most fishing pole for toddlers on this list
  • Very durable


  • Only for right-handed kids

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Kids Fishing Combo Features Explained

Weight Of The Combo

You have to consider the age of your child and their ability to lift weights.
Considering the age and the weight your child is comfortable to hold is very important as some age groups would be able to lift more weight than others.
It’s important to note that the weight here is not just about the weight of the setup but the complete weight when your child reels in a fish. Will they be able to hold the fishing gear from long hours?

Length Of The Rod

Longer lengths do attach a bit of weight to the whole combo and as such, it is important to consider the length of the rod when making the purchase. longer rods tend to hamper the casting accuracy although it increases the casting distance. While shorts are not that great as they also reduce the casting distance. You have to know which length your child will be able to handle.


For kids who are just learning how to fish, it’s important to keep things very simple for them by stripping the moving parts down to a minimum and including only the necessities in terms of functions. All a child wants is a fish at the end of their line.

Rod Handle

For shorter rods, they can work very well without a quality handle but longer Rods can not do with quality handles. The truth is, you want to give your child rods that will give them extreme comfort. Rubber and EVA handles are strong and very soft to touch giving your child the maximum comfort they will need.

5 Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combo For Kids


Children will not always think about the proper usage of the fishing combo therefore you need to go in for a highly durable fishing combo. When the comes to children, you have to consider fishing combos made of high-quality plastic. This is taking into account the total weight of the combo and its longevity despite rough usage.

Ease In Carrying Around

Since it’s kids, you have to consider the ease that comes in carrying the fishing combo. You want to go in for a combo that is portable, easy to carry around, and easy to store.


Choosing the right and high-quality kids fishing poles will you focus on teaching your little ones how to cast, You will be able to focus on teaching your little ones how to cast, retrieve and reel in a fish only when you choose the right and high-quality fishing poles from them instead of trying to fix a bent rod guide or go home because something broke. This review consists of simple yet affordable gear that will help make your child’s fishing journey start in the right direction.